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FitBits News – August 2016

Wow we missed July as still head down bum up busy. In this post we give you an update on : New Vegan Pea Protein Formulations – it’s yummy and super clean. New ALC Watermelon Formulation. Contest to Win Free Protein – For a bit of fun. Podcast episode #3 with Organic Nutrition Pioneer Kris[…]

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FitBits News – June 2016

In this month’s customer update topics include: Reformulation Project New Whey Protein Isolate New Whey 50/50 Blend  New Branding New Fitbits Podcast June Discount Coupon Reformulation Project Why are we reformulating? We take your health and safety very seriously & we know you do too. As such we want to provide you with the maximum[…]

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FitBits News – May 2016

Oh wow! – Where did April go. Sorry for not keeping in touch with you last month. So much on the go. In this post we give you an update on: Reformulation Project Rebranding Project Discount Coupon for May Free PO Box & Woolworths Click and Collect Deliveries Price Reduction Site Problems Promoting Coaches / Trainers Reformulation[…]

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FitBits News – Feb 2016

So where do we start?? It has to be with an apology as the news we are going to share will mean that some customers will leave us. We are sorry that we have had to revise prices. The reason for reviewing prices was that we have been selling products below cost on some lines,[…]