Our Story


We are Jodie & Anthony the owners of Fitbits.

  • We have lived an outdoors active lifestyle for over 40 years and are raising our 2 kids to eat clean and healthy.
  • One is vegan and the other “junkatarian”. (He is work in progress)
  • Although not vegan ourselves we aspire to be as we respect the animal welfare, environmental and health benefits of being plant powered.
  • We are not pretending to be a big business at all & think you should know personally who you are buying supplements from.
  • We bought the business at the end of 2015 from someone dodgy.
  • In 2016 we rebuilt the business, from the formulations up.
  • Our customers are awesome and we thank them for being super loyal to us.

Primarily Fitbits is for vegan fitness athletes who need high-quality sports & diet supplements. Fitbits is Australia’s only dedicated online supplement supplier that provides supplements tailored to your unique body weight and fitness goals.

Unlike other supplement companies, Fitbits is the only e-commerce business in Australia that caters to people who want you to control the exact dose and timing of your supplements. We deliberately make stripped back to bare essential supplements so that you can precisely add in only what you need and take it only when you need it.

When you are in control of:

  • your timing ,
  • your dose and
  • make your blend up,
  • to match your goals,

you fitbits it.

We welcome any feedback anytime, and when you do call or email us, you are talking to the owners who care with all their heart about doing what is right for you – our customers.

Thanks for considering us.

Jodie & Anthony


Ancient history.

Fitbits started in 2006 on the Gold Coast in Queensland.


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