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is a vegan amino acid manufactured from utilising a natural fermentation process to extract and produce this purified grade.

Because no chemicals are used to manufacture our L-Glutamine it is free of ammonia and methanol.

During prolonged endurance training and exercise, L-glut losses occur from increased muscle protein synthesis.
Your skeletal muscles consists of over 50% Glutamine.

L Glut is important for metabolism, enhancing the general health of the digestive system (gut health), improving the immune system (reducing inflammation) as well as helping to alleviate fatigue providing better recovery.

Note that L Glutamine will not increase your muscle mass or help change your body composition.
It’s helps to stop you getting sick, recover faster so that you can keep training.

Perfect to be used with other quality Fitbits supplements.
Just add to your favourite protein shake and create your own blend.

For gaining muscle we recommend Creatine or for strength Beta Alanine along with protein and BCAA.

100% Pure Fermented L Glutamine.

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