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Catapult Your Gains To A New Level With This Little Secret


Dear Vegan Fitness Athlete,

If your training age is under 5 years, you may not be aware of what the more experienced CrossFitters, F45’ers & Gym rats are using to make sure they have the most explosive and intense training workouts.

As a vegan, you are already dedicated, focused and committed to your goals. But you can’t manage what you have NFI about.

You see Beta Alanine is normally supplied in meat, chicken and fish meals.

Things that you don’t eat.

So if you tire out easily, or fade quickly in the gym, or if the lactic acid burn comes on quickly you might find yourself with a Beta Alanine deficiency.

Not being able to finish:

  • those last few reps or
  • the last few sets or
  • worst of all not finishing your workout,

might be a sign that perhaps other people can see – but you can’t.

It might be the reason your gains plateau or your PB’s aren’t as good as your evil nemesis. (We all have one..)

So if you want to rumble with the big dogs and make them show some respect, then you will want to know the benefits of raw vegan grade beta-alanine pre-workout powder are.

✓ Beta-Alanine is the rate-limiting precursor of carnosine. This means you ability buffer or holds back lactic is determined by how much Beta Alanine you have available.

✓ By delaying the onset of fatigue you can train harder for longer to crack out those sets and level up your gains.

✓ It will increase your stamina and give you one hell of a post workout pump.

✓ It is a naturally occurring nonessential amino acid & ours is derived from a vegan source so you can be confident of not breaking your commitments.

✓ The sports nutrition science is in on Beta Alanine which means you can be assured of its results and certain you aren’t wasting money on crap sups you don’t need.

The right beta alanine dosage is a Min of 0.032 – Max 0.064 g/kg/day taken 60 minutes before exercise on an empty stomach. You may experience tingling in the fingers which are normal. If this annoys you then take your dose closer to the minimum range.

So just as an example, the dosage for a 100kg guy would be 3.2 – 6.4 grams. If you are 85 kg times this by 0.85.

Before you start using this product, make sure you have a record of your current PB’s or training volume.

It is not unheard of for people to increase gains 20-30%.

In fact, we are so confident you will love this product that if you are not satisfied for any reason, highly unlikely, not only will you get your money back, but we will pay for the goods return.

  • So a 500g bag gives you about 100 days supply if you take 5g a day. Works out to be 22 cents per serve.
  • Want to save money then buy in bulk and the 200 serves is going to set you back about 15 cents a serve.

How much are your gym fees?

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Not convinced it is worth giving beta alanine pre workout powder a try?
Here are what people who use beta alanine are saying:


“If you expect steroid-like results, you are living in a fantasy land. This goes for all supplements, including whey protein and creatine, two of the most popular. However, if you are concerned with peak performance at every step along the way — pre-workout, workout, after workout, daily maintenance — then you will know that Beta Alanine is a great addition to your pre-workout phase. The tingle and the subsequent pump, combined with the fact that it increases the duration you lift by seemingly reducing muscle fatigue, will in the long run help you pack on more muscle.”

“I am fairly new to working out and I wish I would have known about this product sooner; it’s amazing! When taken consistently, it really does help to fight muscle soreness. I don’t take it exactly how it’s suggested, but I do have it daily with my breakfast shakes, 30 minutes before going to the gym, and 30-60 minutes after the gym. If I don’t work out, then I only have it in the morning. It blends very well in both a blender or shaker, but does not mix very well with water, nor taste good alone. Although, I choose the unflavored because it contains no artificial ingredients.”

“Provides a heck of a pump and increases my stamina for prolonged weight training workouts. Takes a couple of weeks to get completely into your system, but once it is, it works wonderfully. You’ll feel a tingling sensation in your head and possibly elsewhere, but you get used to it. Along with creatine and powdered protein supplements, this one is now part of my regular workout repertoire.”

Just to recap you’re going to get:
  • Increased workout intensity
  • Increased endurance
  • Reduce lactic impedance
  • Breakthrough gains
  • Vegan grade product
  • For the cost of the silver shrapnel small change in your car
You are an action taker..what are you waiting for.


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