Hi, and welcome to our range of Fitbits Protein powders. To help you make the right decision as to the best protein powder for your goals we will just give you

  1. a rundown on what is available,
  2. why they are used for certain goals and
  3. how to make sure your choice is a clean protein.

OK, lets go.

Goal Description Quick Shop
Vegan Diet Protein Source
We fully respect our customers choice to be vegan. Being 100% plant powered is something we aspire to be ourselves. If you care for animals, are concerned about the environmental damage that the meat & livestock do, or you are simply lactose intolerant then you are best to use a vegan pea protein. We currently only have the one line and that is our all natural, GMO-free, north American yellow split pea protein. In its raw state, this vegan pea protein does have 80g/100g of protein so it technically could be called Pea Protein Isolate. But that is marketing hype in our books, as people are just overlaying the whey protein speak to Pea Protein. Depending on your secondary goals above you might like to add any of our vegan amino acid range.
Post Workout Recovery
The most common goal our customers have is a post workout recovery protein shake.Their muscles have just had some microtrauma applied and they need to have amino acids & protein to help the repair.Absorption speed is of the essence and so the go to protein powder is a Whey Protein Isolate. Ours is all natural colours, flavours and sweetened with natural stevia plant extract with naturally high levels of amino acids. We recommend the use of BCAA to prevent catabolism or muscle breakdown.  
Weight Loss
Many of our customers are exercising and using protein powder to assist with their weight loss goals. Some key considerations here are to look for a protein that has unique labels per flavour showing all macronutrient levels like protein count, carbohydrate count and fat count. You might also pay attention to sodium levels for water retention. In this space, we offer a thermogenic fat burner protein called Shredded. This current formulation has seven different active weight loss ingredients and is stacked with extra amino acids. We would not call this a clean protein and the deliberate effect is to speed up metabolism and increase the calorific effort to burn these calories. (Make you feel full for longer.) We recommend that our Acetyl L-Carnitine is used with this product for fat burning.

So last thing we need to tell you about buying protein is to look at the tabs on the WPI and Vegan Pea Protein products for something called the protein buyers guide. Also in the menu above. It will educate you to all the dirty secrets the darker side of the industry don’t want you to know.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call or email us using

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