Gain Strength

Sports Nutrition to help you gain strength and power. What sports supplements should I take if my goal is to gain strength & power? We would say that protein is going to be a base for building strong muscle, as is creatine monohydrate, but you might want to use Beta Alanine to increase your explosive power and BCAA to help you recover faster. Find out how you are progressing with a one rep max (1RM) calculator and lift heavier with smaller number of reps. But we think you already know all this. 😉

How Heavy Do You Lift?

Find Out With Our 1 Rep Max Calculator. Tell our bot how many reps at what weight you lift till good form failure, then get back your 1 Rep Max and breaks from 50% to 95% of 1RM. (Opens in Messenger)

Check Your Lift Now

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Showing 1–4 of 5 results