Habit Challenge

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What Are Good Food Habits?

Try these and let us know what we missed.

1. Eat a lean palm-sized serve of protein every meal.
2. Eat a fist-sized serve of vegetables or fruit every meal.
3. Plan your food for next day the night before.
4. Keep a photo record of everything that you put in your mouth before it passes the lips.
5. Take 10 chews of every bite you eat to slow down & be more mindful.
6. Only eat until you are 8/10 full.
7. Start fasting at sundown for 13 hours a day.
8. Drink a cup of water 30 minutes before a meal and 30 minutes after a meal.
9. No refined white sugar all day.
10. Daily Omega 3 supplements or healthy oils.
11. No white carbs all day.
12. What else is a good food habit ???????

What else can you add? Can we get to 12 or more to have a year’s worth to work on?


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