Why make a video about clean protein?

We really wanted to say what we think about the protein industry and expose some of the crap being sold in the market.

We think this is important to your health and nutrition.

[Length 1:29]

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3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Clean Protein

As a result of watching this video you will know 3 reasons Why You Should Buy Clean Protein

1. It’s The Law

• Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) publishes the
maximum limits of inclusions in sports supplements.
• The regulatory standards are enforceable by various food laws at both the
state and federal level.
• FSANZ seeks scientific advice from experts working in research
agencies, universities and other organisations to set safe limits.
• Go beyond the limits and you risk health side effects.

2. You Have Better Knowledge of What You Are Putting In Your Body

• When you consume clean protein you have better clarity on the origin of
• Often secondary sources of protein are sourced to be as cheap as possible.
• For example, take Isoleucine and Leucine and Valine the ingredients of
• Cheap versions are made from duck feathers or human hair.
• Vegan or vegetarian versions are not and if you buy these separately
generally you will have more information on these products than just a
single line in a nutrition panel.

3. You have better control over your dosage

• This is important if you are serious about getting results.
• Amino’s generally are dosed by grams per kg of body weight.
• The dosage for a 56kg women is different to a 95 kg guy.
• When you separate base protein from aminos you can control your intake
individually not let a manufacturer sell you their one size fits all dose.

Hope this helps you understand why you should buy clean protein.
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