These are three things you can look out for when you buy protein.

Hope this makes you a more educated buyer and makes you think about what you put in your body.

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3 Ways How To Tell If Your Protein Is Clean

As a result of watching this video you will know 3 ways how to tell if your protein is clean.

These are:
1. Comparing a raw natural protein count to a flavoured protein count.
2. Carefully looking at the ingredients and nutritional panel
3. Paying attention to your price gut instincts.

Please let me explain a little.

1. The first way is to compare a raw natural protein count to a flavoured protein count.

When natural proteins have additional flavouring like chocolate or cocoa added they reduce the flavoured products protein count below that of the raw base protein.

To compensate some manufacturers, add in cheap amino acids to inflate the protein count back up.

There are 2 risks here:

The first is losing your ability to dose at the gams per kilogram of body mass protocol right for your bodies optimal results.

The second is possible negative side effects if the spiking dose is beyond FSANZ health guidelines.

2. The second way is to carefully examine the ingredients and nutritional panel.

Pay attention to the ingredients line normally just under the nutritional panel on a product.

a. Check to see that there are no gaps indicated by a comma and
space and another comma.

b. Pay attention to what ingredients are in what order.

c. If you really want to go deep compare the nutrition information
against Standard 2.9.4 of the Food Standards Code specifically
schedules 16,18,19.

3. The third and final way is to pay attention to your own gut instincts.

If a protein looks to be too cheap there has to be a reason behind it.

The sports supplement industry is hyper competitive and there aren’t suppliers making outrageous profit margins, rather it is very much a volume game.

You may have heard us explain the principle involved in making a protein to a price point.

To do this you take 50% of a $30/kg product, mix it with 50% of a $6/kg product and you have 100% of a $18/kg product.

The question this practice begs is do you know what is the $6/kg product and is it good for you?

Moving on, we hope this helps you understand 3 ways how to check you are buying clean protein.

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