ALKALIZING GREENSWhen we were younger, we were always told to eat our greens to be healthy. More often than not, we would despise vegetables and would rather choose meat over them. Some of us outgrew that mentality while there are those that are still not fans of vegetables.

Sometimes, not being able to eat your vegetables as an adult is not a leftover mentality from when you were younger. There are people who have a hard time hitting their daily quota for vegetables for the following reasons:

  • They don’t have time.
  • Unsure of how to prepare them to make them palatable.
  • No access to fresh vegetables.
  • They can’t stand the taste of vegetables and would prefer other types of food over them.

Now, believe me when I say that all these reasons are completely acceptable. Not all of us have the time, expertise, taste, and capability to look for and cook vegetables properly. In the US alone, their Department of Agriculture conducted a study that showed up to 23.5 million Americans don’t have direct access to healthy food including vegetables.

So what do we do? Do we just surrender to this inevitable fact?

You can. Or you can try out Alkalizing Greens.


What Are Alkalizing Greens?

Remember how we pointed out the various reasons why people can’t and don’t have the means to eat vegetables? Well, scrap all of them and just listen to this alternative.Alkalizing greens

What if you can actually have all the goodness of vegetables and fruits in a simple, easy to consume, and easily bought package? What if you can “eat” your greens without putting up a face?

That’s what Alkalizing Greens are. They are green supplements that aim to provide our bodies with all the vitamins and nutrients of vegetables and fruits in powder form.


What Are the Benefits of Alkalizing Greens

Alkalizing Greens are supplements that are super-packed with vitamins and minerals from vegetables and fruits. This means that for somebody who can’t really have their daily allowance of greens, they can just hit their quota with Alkalizing Greens. But that’s not what it’s all for.

By now you might be wondering about the “Alkalizing” part, right?

See, when we eat and unbalanced meal, our body loses its “balance” as well. Eating too much meat, drinking too much coffee and sodas, and even taking in too much dairy products makes our body acidic. Alkalizing Greens aim to correct this.

This just means that aside from giving your body its much needed vitamins and minerals, alkalizing greens also help in balancing out your body’s pH levels.

See, when you are not too careful with your body, the acidity level increases. When the body is not on its alkalizing greenoptimum pH level, your body won’t function properly. Alkalizing greens counteract this by bringing in alkalinity (the opposite of acidity) into your body.

Should Everybody Take Alkalizing Greens?

This really depends on your goal. Just note that while there are a number of positive feedback about Alkalizing Greens on the Internet and from various users, this is not a miracle cure that can turn your world 180 degrees. At best, it is a supplement that should be paired with a more balanced diet and proper exercise for the best results. Remember that there is clearly no substitute for the real thing so if you can find time, go cook up a healthy meal every now and then.

But, if you are somebody who believes they are not hitting their daily vegetable quota due to various reasons, you may want to ask your GP or nutritionist about Alkalizing Greens.

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