Fat burning proteinFor a lot of people, the term “fat burning” gets them excited. It’s always as if they are looking for the easiest way to lose weight without having to deal with the gym or exercise. You hear the term fat burning from just about every product from pills to shakes & it makes you think it will melt right off you.

As a result of reading this post you will know the 3 ways in which fat burning proteins work.

The Truth About Fat Burning Proteins

Before I start, I would like to tell you something first. The term “Fat Burning Proteins” is a bit misleading and the term has been part of advertising for well over 50 years.

Fat burning proteins don’t burn fat all by themselves. They are not some snake oil magic elixir you drink that automatically melts fat. Instead, it is the mix of fat loss additives and the specific ratio of the blend ingredients that assist weight loss combined with a planned nutrition and exercise program.

They need to used carefully, typically over a shorter duration than other proteins, and it is best to consult with a dietician, GP, Personal Trainer or Strength & Conditioning Coach about where they fit in your total diet & exercise program.

How Does Fat Burning Proteins Work?

The way fat burning proteins work can be narrowed down into three different stages:

fat burning proteins

1. Increased Satiety – In simple terms, a diet high in fat burning proteins fill you up faster than usual. Remember the last time somebody suggested a diet regimen for you where you ended up starving yourself? A high protein diet does otherwise. It makes you feel fuller with less food intake and less tendency to snack. This results in fewer calories entering your body. With a lower caloric intake, you won’t add to the fat stored in your body already.

2. Helps Burn Calories – When food gets digested, your body spends calories doing it. This is the Thermic Effect of Food. Different kinds of food require varying amounts of calories to burn. Research shows that protein requires the most amount of calories to digest. This means the more you eat protein, the more calories get burned in processing it. Just note that this does not mean increasing your daily intake of protein directly translates to fat loss but if you ate the same number of calories with a higher mix of protein and fewer carbohydrates it will generally help.

3. Proteins Help Build and Maintain Muscles – In order for fat to be “burned”, there should be a caloric deficit in your body. A calorific deficit forces your body to burn whatever stored fat you have in your body as an alternative source of energy. The unfortunate thing here is that your body might also decide to burn your muscle tissue (or a combination of fat and muscle) instead. We wouldn’t want that, right? The goal is to let your body burn stored fat and stored fat alone. Turns out, eating protein with essential amino acids with on a daily basis actually, helps preserve your muscles and forces your body to focus on burning fat instead.

How to Make Fat Burning Shakes

Of course, it will be boring if you just drink the same old shake every day. That’s why we are giving you a couple of different recipes below to try and give you some much-needed variety in your diet.

But before we do that, here are some pointers in case you might want to experiment and play around with various recipes.

  • As much as possible, avoid cow’s milk. Aside from the possible allergic response, cow’s milk promotes a significant insulin response. We designed the protein to taste good using water.
  • Avoid adding sugar like the plague. We are here to burn fat and not to add more to your body, right? Adding sugar is a calorie bomb and why we use stevia as a sweetener.
  • We recommend 2 serves a day. 1st withing 30 minutes of waking up before all other food and second within 30 minutes of finishing your workout. Refer to our supplement calculator to see what is right grammes of protein for your body.
  • Don’t hesitate on adding fat – as long as it’s the healthy kind. There are types of beneficial fat, like avocado or peanut butter in small amounts, that can help your body lose weight without adding to the storage. Good fats help fill you up so you don’t crave for other food after downing a glass of your protein shake.

Fat burning shakes

To give you some ideas that work with our Shredded fat burning protein powder try mixing the ingredients in the images below. Let us know your favourite.

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