sports supplementWhen talking about the best supplements protocols, sometimes our eyes glaze over. This is mostly because we  just want to provide clean and natural sports supplements for maximum nutrition & can’t stand the bull $#^% in the market.

So with this in mind at the bottom of this post is a sports supplement calculator spreadsheet that lists the best supplements for muscle growth plus a few more for overall health. You will be able to precisely tailor your own protocols for the best supplements for maximum gains and least wasted cost. (If you like it please share this post.)

The Truth About Sports Supplements

Every time you hear people talk about supps, you might get the idea that “more is better”.

Truth is, at times, going for more might do more harm than good, both for your results and your wallet. Thing is, there’s a tipping point for protein consumption and maximum gains. This means that after a certain dosage, there are not the same gains.cross fit coaches

You also have to remember that there is no blanket formula for everybody. This means 2 people might have similar goals but their intake can be different depending on how active they are. It all boils down to your personal needs and goals.

For example, a person wanting to gain muscle mass needs more protein than a vegetarian who just needs a different source of protein for healthy body weight maintenance.

Don’t I just take 2.5g Per Kg of Body Weight?

One of the most common “blanket rules” that people follow in the gym is take 2.5g of protein per kilogram of body mass. While this amount may be just fine for those who work out a lot and are taking growth hormone & testosterone boosters, this dosage is not sound for most people who just work out 3 times a week. The extra cost of high dosing provides no added gain. It’s just spending money somewhere that could be better directed to other areas.

What about Protein & Amino Pre Mix Blends?

What really makes us mad is how often we see American pre-mixed amino blends. Not because we can’t prepare something like that (we actually refuse to) but because we know it’s sub optimal.

Different kinds of amino acids have varying dosage and timing to be effective. For example, Creatine (a very popular amino) requires 5-7 day heavy loading for it to do its job Then after you have loaded the daily dosage is different. So if you buy a protein mix with Creatine would it be at the loading dose or the maintenance dblankose. And is the dose set for 65kg or 100 kg person?

Don’t think we have seen protein with creatine pre-mixed but you get the point.

That’s why we suggest separate dosage of specific kinds of aminos depending on your need. It’s not only financially sound but it also assures you that you are in precise control of what you take in, and when you take them. In other words maxmise your gains.

What to do with the money you save.

Speaking of spending money in different areas to maximize your nutrition greens are a great way of broadening your nutrition base. They don’t replace the need for whole fruits and vegetables nor are they a replacement for your multi-vitamin. But in general they may be great for dietary health and boosting your immunity. The worst thing is getting sick and not being able to train because you are too weak. There are lots of different superfood greens out there so have a think about cutting back on protein and spreading your budget wider.

So What Now?

At this point, you should be seeing product placements and service plugs but we won’t do anything like that. Just have a look at our  best supplements protocol calculator (spreadsheet linked below) to see what is right for your body.

Don’t just ride the hype train because everybody else is doing it. Remember that it is your own body and you should always be in control of what goes in your mouth. No one has the right to take that freedom away from you.

View the spreadsheet calculator here:  Best Supplements For Muscle Growth Protocols

best supplements for muscle growth protocols

PS You might want to save to your own drive. Hit File > Make a Copy 🙂


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