How Do I Do Intermittent Fasting?

Hi, are you thinking about trying 13 or 16-hour intermittent fasting?
You’re not alone as both Hugh Jackman and Dwayne The Rock Johnson are both into this.

Today I want to share with you an app that makes fasting easier.

For me the benefits I get from fasting are

1. I feel better – kind of more energised & mentally clear.
2. When I am on a roll I eat less as I am more mindful of time and quantity.
3. It is meant to help the body regenerate, but I only know what I’ve been told about this.

The app I use is called Zero.
It was recommended to me by Dr Rhonda Patrick.

You choose your preferred type of fast 16 hour, 13 hours or custom.
Then click the start fasting button.
That is normally after dinner till breakfast or lunch time.

The app tells you how long you have to go and an alarm when finished.
It even gives you a little bar chart record to show how you have done over weeks.

Search the app store for Zero fasting app.
Recommend you watch the videos in the science section.

It is not yet a daily habit for me & something I am working on.
If you want to take our free 4 week habit challenge then visit our sites downloads section.

Hope this helps you.
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