5 Quick BCAA Powder Benefits?

In this post, we answer a very common question – what are BCAA powder benefits?

Branched-chain amino acids are essential aminos and while most people know they are great for creation and repair of muscles, BCAA supplementation can do more good than just give you more muscle mass. So let’s list down the functions and known benefits of BCAA.

  1. Important for Muscle Protein Synthesis – BCAA is well known for being perfect triggers for protein synthesis. When you take BCAA powder supplements and partner it up with resistance exercise, it triggers what we call the mTORC1 signalling pathways that are important for building muscles.
  2. Minimises Muscle Loss – Due to the fact that BCAA can trigger protein synthesis even without exercise, you get minimised muscle loss because your body still creates/preserves lean muscles even when you are resting due to an injury. This also keeps your metabolism up and helps to prevent any buildup of fat when inactive.
  3. Can Help Burn Fat – People who do BCAA supplementation have less body fat and have better body compositions. Research has shown that leucine might be the magic pill here but it works better in conjunction with other BCAA. Isoleucine is known to improve glucose tolbenefits of glutamine - metabolismerance, while good old leucine is great in increasing a person’s energy expenditure and fat burning. When your body moves your fat efficiently, this leads to a much more flexible metabolism. With a combination of proper diet and training, you can lose more weight than usual through BCAA supplementation.
  4. Reduces Overall Fatigue – BCAA are surprisingly performing great in fatigue reduction and improving one’s endurance. It works in two ways. The first one involves the BCAA getting burned/consumed as energy to keep ATP levels balanced during glycogen depleting exercise. BCAA also make your body burn fat more efficiently resulting in a larger energy pool. The second one involves our nervous system. BCAA inhibit the uptake of Tryptophan into our brains. Tryptophan is essential in the production of serotonin which triggers a feeling of fatigue or tiredness.
  5. Helps Make You Live Longer – While not proven through studies, the known effects of BCAA can help you live longer. In the world of medicine, BCAA are used to treat liver problems, muscle loss due to old age, and even as part of cancer treatments. Scientists have gone as far as to say BCAA “behave as evolutionary conservation modulators of lifespan” which basically means getting more BCAA can easily translate to a longer life.

We hope this answers your questions on bcaa powder benefits. So if you have any questions that we can help you please contact us. We hope that if you are looking to try BCAA you might consider ours.

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