How much Alcar should I take?
We’re answering this today so you can
  1. take the minimum effective dose to get results and
  2. save money by not taking too much.
The first step is to know the FSANZ one-day quantity limits.
They are 0.1 grams per day.


If you look at the sports science textbooks and research-based sites you will see the evidence-based protocol is 630 to 2500 mg per kg body weight per day for ALCAR.


For this post lets just say you weigh 80 kg and you want to take 2g per day.
To find the dose for your body weight have a look at our body weight supp calculator to work out the exact dose for your body.


Now the fun part. How much product contains 2 grams of Acetyl L Carnitine?


Well, let’s weigh 4 measuring spoons to show you.
how much alcar should I take
How much alcar per day


The tablespoon of our watermelon ALCAR product weighs 24g and without 14.4g
So it has 9.6g of product and that has 3.2g of ALCAR in it at the rate of 33.3g/100 from the nutrition panel.


  • a teaspoon has 0.9g,
  • a 1/2 teaspoon is 0.5g and
  • a 1/4 teaspoon is 0.2g of Acetyl L Carnitine.
How much Acetyl L Carnitine Should I Take?
Measuring Spoon Weight With Watermelon ALCAR
ALCAR (33.3g/100g)
24.0 g
14.4 g
9.6 g
3.2 g
13.31 g
10.51 g
2.8 g
0.9 g
1/2 Teaspoon
9.84 g
8.42 g
1.4 g
0.5 g
1/4 Teaspoon
7.86 g
7.18 g
0.7 g
0.2 g
For 2 grams of ALCAR you would want to have 2 and a quarter teaspoons.

But, check & see for your supp how much alcar is in the product per 100g.

Split this over two 600 ml water bottles or it will taste really sweet. Say your AM water bottle and you PM bottle.


Sip on it through the day, or add it to a glass of ice cold water as a post workout shot.


Hope this helps you and if so leave a comment below or via Messenger.



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