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This Pea Protein is AMAZING!!!
If I closed my eyes I could swear I was eating ice cream it tastes so delicious, and it is also especially gentle on the digestive system 🙂 Huge thumbs up,
Thanks FITBITS!!!

I have just finished 3 months on the Shredded protein at two serves a day, I brought a 5kg bag, and have to say I have been impressed with this product, taste was great, mixes great and a great profile which you can really feel working! my metabolism has definitely been firing. At first I was sceptical due the price compared to some of the big brands, but I believe I have had better results on this protein than any other fat Burning protein I have tried! I feel and look leaner and I am very happy with the results thus far. I have just committed to buying a second 5kg bag and look forward to even greater results!

Highly recommended!

I recommend it to everyone for protein powder I am a personal trainer all The girls I train get your protein no complaints here 🙂